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Animal Reading- Voice

Animal Reading- Voice

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These are VOICE only readings. The sessions are available for 15, 30 and 60 minutes. The reading can be done for companions that are still here or have passed (If passed, please be sure it has been AT LEAST 1 year since time of passing as respect for them, most times they will not come through if it is too soon). Once order is placed you will be emailed a link to join our community discord where you can schedule a time and a day when you would like to have your reading done. Readings will be done using any or all of the following items: Tarot Cards, Dowsing Crystal, Oracle Book, Clair senses and intuitive readings.

Preparation- For the best results, please have a picture of your companion that shows their eyes CLEARLY, I will need this to ensure the accuracy of the reading. Please also have a list of questions prepared as to not take up your time trying to think of them on the spot, I want you to get the FULLEST out of these readings so the better prepared you are the more you will get out of it. Be prepared to hear something you may not be ready for. I can not predict what comes through and I also do not know what may trigger you. I am a messenger and I relay what is given to me without judgement but with love. 

Cancelations- Please BE SURE that you can make it to the appointment, we do these on discord so that you are able to have this done via PC or Mobile Phone no matter where you are. Once the order is in there will be NO REFUNDS GIVEN. It takes time to prepare for each session and I clear my entire day out for them. You CAN reschedule up to 24HRS in advanced if you need to. Anything within 24HRS of the appointment will be marked as a no show and you will need to repurchase another session. Please do not make me do that 😭

If you have ANY questions prior to purchase, please do not hesitate to ask! Contact me via email ( or our Contact Us page. 
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