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*NotJustPetsinc is a Non-Profit Organization (Pending Establishment)  100% of all direct donations go towards NotJustPetsinc growth and Mission. 80% Of all sales from store go directly towards NotJustPetsinc* growth and Mission.

                                       Not Just Pets Fund

Anyone, person or facility, in need of veterinary bill relief or emergency vet care.
Why: So many animals go untreated due to the high cost of veterinary care.
What: Two part phase. We will pay a fraction, or the whole cost, of current or past due veterinary bills. Grow a mobile vet low/no cost clinic to areas that need the help
Where: Anywhere in the US(for now)
When: No more than one (1) year since visit date (longer dates will be reviewed for consideration by a case by case basis)
How: There was a financial burden during the time frame of the veterinary care/emergency or unexpected visit/shelters/rescues (Applicants that are not involved with a shelter or rescue must also meet an income verification and gross less than 150K a year)

-Must create at least two (2) Post/month. (No cap, make as many as you can/want! All of this is for our pets well being and creating a better future!)
-Must have easily accesable for users.
-Must share/tag content with @NotJustPets to verify and repost to our platform (Bigger out reach for the creator!)
LOVE animals! *DUHHHH!*
*Don’t forget to give them your code!!!*

**If you have any questions or you are interested feel free to email us at**

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